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SEO Scams

Posted on: September 13, 2008

Looking for a SEO company?? Make sure you don’t get caught in one of these scams.

-Fake Keywords

The whole idea of SEO is to rank high on something that is searched often.  If they rank you first on something they made up, your ranked 1 of 1… and no one will ever know.  A good SEO job will get you ranked high on frequently searched keywords.  Carefully, very carefully chosen keywords.


-Link Hubs or link farms

I am sure you have thought about these and it is a good thing you decided against it.  Putting your site on a few of these is like blacklisting yourself.  These are mostly just spam sites, and if you want your site to be thrown in that mix than you might aswell just go ahead and do it yourself. Don’t pay someone to ruin your credibility.


– Paid links

You may get the offer to post your own articles on their website so they can link to you as the expert.  This seems like it would work, and in theory it will, except that if you ever get the traffic not only will you need these articles, but there is no guarantee that these stay linked to you.  Since you wrote them, you might want to keep the credit for them.


I hope this helped with anyone just starting out.  Don’t get duped.  Do your research.  


Question: What keywords do you WANT to be ranked for.  Search in google, how many OTHER people want to be ranked for those same words.  Comment or email me and I’ll share the results of my keywords aswell.


-SEO Dan


3 Responses to "SEO Scams"

I know I am shooting for the stars, but some keywords I am aiming for are: gaming, new games, gaming community.

You can tell I haven’t spent much time researching as I haven’t even picked one yet.

Uhm, I think you are confusing paid links with “guest posts”. Both of these methods are pretty good. What’s wrong about getting paid for an article and getting a backlink to your site? 🙂 Yeah, they can scam you, remove the link, but why work with such people? I agree with the rest, especially with “fake keywords”, a client of mine was paying money to some maggots that got him nr1 in google for keywords that got searched 1-2 times a month.

Sorry chestyle, what I was trying to say was you pay THEM to link the article back to your site. If they paid you it would be very nice indeed. I am reffering to paying a company to link to you. (In the end if they can be paid to link to you their google page rank is probably very poor)

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