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Posted on: September 15, 2008

An rss feed is a great addition to any website, but having an rss feed also helps with your sites SEO.

As a starting point, vieweing your own RSS gives you a general idea of the keywords that are being used to find you and cache your pages.

An rss feed also creates backlinks with keywords that you get to decide for yourself! If only you could always have control over what is said about your site.


Google sees that your RSS feed says “Football Standings” as the title and it has a link.  Google then assumes that it is pretty safe to say your site has something to do with football standings.  (as it should)

Creating an rss feed gives google this information, but the titles are controlled by you.  This means that you can carefully choose your wording to make sure you control what google thinks you are.

The more places you can get your rss feed linked to, or the more pages you can post it on the better.  All of these sites are now linking to you with the links and keywords you have provided.  PERFECT


Try this! make an rss feed for your website.  Sign up for a site like squidoo that lets you post your RSS feed on their page, and now every update you do to your site, shows up on your squidoo page as well.  If you make an article about brand new news that people might be interested in, title it acordingly, and you will have a link with those perfect keywords from every site your rss feed is on.

Handy isn’t it.

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