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Weak Markets

Posted on: September 16, 2008

When you are experimenting with keywords, you usually want to target high traffic words that have little competition.

However, you can also go with markets that have very high traffic and a weak market.

If a site is properly optimized it will have a higher chance of being at the beginning of the google search results.  So we only care about those sites, not the ones that are on page 501… just page 1-3 or so.  So how do we check how many optimized sites there are?

Well, without spending days / weeks…. you don’t.  However, there are some very easy ways to give yourself a general idea of how strong the market is.

Google will let you add very specific parameters to your searches if you know how to use it properly.  One of the more advanced searches it will let you run is “allintitle”.  To use this properly, type something like:

allintitle:”your keywords”

This will only return sites where your exact keywords are in the title of the site.  Meaning either the title of the page, or the url.  Which google gives a bonus to for each.  Not much of a boost for sure, but it makes it easy to rule out sites that just contain your keywords by chance.

As an example, our keywords from the other day were ‘green car’.  Our search results would also contain a page that said… “I was coming home yesterday and almost got hit by a green car”… This has nothing to do with us, since we wanted to SELL a green car.

Let me give you an idea of what I mean.  Lets use the examples from our last seo math session.

“red car”

google results: 1,510,000

allintitle:”red car”

google results: 51,000


“green car”

google results: 1,620,000

allintitle:”green car”

google results: 63,700

This means that out of those original sites, only 51k of them are properly optimized.  This can help you quickly pick out very weak markets.

Believe me, there is much more involved in finding a weak market, but this will give you a general guideline, as a strong market will have many optimized sites.

In another post I will address looking up domain age, page rank and so on.

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