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Search Engine Optimization Blogs?

Posted on: September 21, 2008

There are many wordpress blogs around that seem to have no resemblance at all of a blog.  For example.

Is actually a one post page, that links to the companies main site.  Is this blog just being used as a linkback? I believe so.  However, the pagerank is 0/10 so it really isn’t a very valuable link.(Anchored very well however)

ANOTHER 1 post blog.  This is leading me to wonder how many of these there are around wordpress, blogger, weebly, and various sites. 

THANKFULLY, both pages have terrible blog addresses and they aren’t really doing anyone an injustice.  If they were holding up valuable subdomains such as I think everyone would be a little perturbed.


Speaking of, if you would like a decent seo blog, check out:

claims to be done by David McCaldin… I guess we just wait and see!!

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