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My First Article!

Posted on: September 23, 2008


Ezine Articles

Ezine Articles

Posting on this blog is a wonderful experience, and to add to this experience, I wrote an article for


I wrote and submit an article just over a week ago, and sat back to wait out the 1-4 weeks it takes to get an article approved or declined.   Well, today my wait ended, it got approved!!  It is about what to do / not do in SEO

If you have read many of my posts on this blog, the article will be repetitive, but if you are new here, it is a nice way to catch up!!

Getting the email saying this was approved was so exciting for me.  It isn’t quite the same as getting published, but it is exciting.

I promise that tomorrow will be a more relevant post.  To everyone who  checks here regularly, I am sorry I owe you a double post.

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