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Posted on: September 24, 2008




If you have ever worked for a large box store, you will understand what I stand strongly against.  I deeply enjoy a workplace that is CREATIVE.  Take the Office flikr set i found from SugarRae .  Not only is this office amazingly creative, but it is one of the best offices I have seen.  Looking at that stream makes me want to go there just to hang out!


Almost every day, I am sitting at my desk fishing for ideas.  “How can I get site ‘x’ to the front page?” “What is going to make someone laugh?”  “Are they sure its not butter?”  Having an enjoyable office environment encourages good humor and creativity, which is good in ANY industry, but it is especially good when you have marketing (and linkbaiting? what?) to come up with.

As long as the office has a cork board, it can be saved.  Long story short… the cork board above my desk has a Lei on it… and Mardigra beads…. and half a dozen pictures that I enjoy.  The point is, if you have an environment you enjoy, everything will come just a little bit easier to you.  Especially when you hit a writers block…. I think Cardboard Christopher Walken would help with that.

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