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Posted on: September 25, 2008


Carpet Skating Ninja!

Carpet Skating Ninja


Have you seen this picture yet today!?

Didn’t think so.  That is my point.


(as a side note, i want to do this through the building i work in as well)


 Are you limiting your business?


Are you losing customers because of a narrow minded approach?

Your marketing campaign definitely is, so what are the best ways to close the gap?

Almost every company is missing a vast amount of coverage in their marketing efforts.  For example, I know many companies that are exclusively advertising with billboards, when that dollar could have gone so much further in different marketing styles.


This applies on the internet as well.  Singular big announcements are by far the best way to grab a huge amount of attention in today’s social media world.  So rather than spending that $500 on print advertising or copy, use it to purchase a prize, and run a contest on your site!  That will get more attention, and if your site delivers quality information / goods, you will retain some of those views.

Maybe, you just aren’t looking in the right places.  I really do feel sorry for you if you have not heard of these sites, but just in case… check out:



Stumble Upon




I can name many many more, but those will get you going if you haven’t been to them before.  Maybe you are ignoring one of those, in that case go out and make it explode.  

Marketing is no longer about calling everyone up and seeing if anyone wants to buy.  It is changing to a world where if you have done your job, they know about you.  If you provide quality, then they will come to you.  

– Do something to grab everyone’s attention, something you would find exciting!

– When you have their attention, dazzle them


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