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Experience. Years Mean Nothing. Accomplishments Mean Everything.

Posted on: October 4, 2008

Your years experience on a job mean absolutely nothing.  Your accomplishments on that job mean everything.  Why does ANYONE care, that I have six years of experience in computer programming.  They do not ask me what I have done in that six years.  Yes I have learned quite a bit during that six years, but is that the right way to measure it? NO

Measure someones knowledge of a subject by their experiences not their experience.  If someone has worked five years in sales it doesn’t matter.  If they have worked two weeks and they have closed a $10,000 order.. I am listening.

To give you a short story as an example:

James has been working in high end electronic sales for 17 years…. SEVENTEEN YEARS!!!!

Clint has been working in high end electronic sales for four years.  Who would you hire?  Why would you hire them?  Most people given only these two statistics would hire James.  In this example this is a terrible decision.  Let me add some additional information.

James sold $200,000 in the last quarter of 2007.  Clint sold about $300,000 in the last quarter of 2007.  That should be all that mattered.  Knowing this you would be more likely to hire Clint.

If you were looking at ‘years of experience’ you would have just lost yourself about $100,000 of revenue!!

Other examples of why accomplishments are more valuable than experience.  I could be working in a major retail store for five years and only take care of point of sale, take with purchases.  However, I could work one month in a high profile sales department and have an invaluable amount of experience. Five years in a low profile, low product knowledge area (like clothing sales) means basically the equivalent of being good with people, (maybe) and the knowledge of that particular point of sale system.  One month in a high profile sales environment would mean weekly if not daily review and input from management or their management,  meaning advice from people with A LOT of accomplishments and experience.  It would mean learning a wide variety of marketing strategies and sales strategies, meaning the equivalent of maybe 2-5 GENERATIONS of a low profile sales environment.

So potentially… If you work as a sales agent for a small start up company for just ONE MONTH, you could be a better fit for a job than someone who has been going through the motions at their mall’s clothing store for the last thirty years.  Seems obvious?? Tell me how many businesses bother to look what each person applying has done during their career.

I personally know a few people that pale in comparison to the average in their industry ..on a job application.  This is because they are only listing how many years they have been on their job.  In reality, I would choose some of these people HANDS DOWN over 99% of the people in the industry.

Sorry for a shameless plug, but Matt Froese of Addicted Gamer is a MUCH better web developer than most that I have seen.  His experience?  Unofficially I believe it is about eight years.  I can name over fifty people that have more experience than this that are GARBAGE and I would NEVER hire.  A quick scan of the internet would dig up at least another 1000 I am sure.

READ: Ask what their accomplishments are, and throw out the resume.

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