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Screenshot Mashup

Screenshot Mashup

The search terms that I originally started this long journey trying to be found on were “seo review” (yes, I was aiming for a search that required quotes)  I have just reached the last position on the front page.  That may change if my updates are reduced in frequency, so I took a screenshot 😀


It only gets about 11 searches a day, but I wanted to get onto that front page for it as a beginning project.  The journey so far has been great.  I have met quite a few very educational contacts, and I have learned more that I thought I would.  In midst of all the confusion, this has resulted in an seo consult for myself on another website.  I am going to track the changes they go through and we will see how well these principles will work on an established website.


By the way.  For those asking.. I am still on page 4 if you remove the quotes.  Did I say I was going home yet? lol /cry

Until next post.. see you on twitter!


The first goal in this blog’s long journey was to make the google index.  I know this is a very easy goal to achieve, but I wanted to get into the google index for my keywords.  “SEO Review”

Well, we did it.  As I type this the site is ranked 98th.  Not good I know, page 10 actually… so I am going to assume the google traffic can still be ruled out.


The second goal was to get to the top100, which I did.(barely) So I guess stage 2 has become … make the front page!  Its a long trip between page 10 and page 1, but lets do it.


Where are you ranked for your keywords?