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31 Days to Build a Better Blog

31 Days to Build a Better Blog




I have been digging through the archives of some of my favorite blogs recently. Today I came across a series of posts from August 2005 written by Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger.  I am not sure how the month will go, but I am going to start the series ’31 days to building a better blog’ on some of my other sites.  

No I will not tell you all the sites I am testing this out on.  However, I will tell you that some of what I read will start to show up in practice on this site.  One of the sites that will be thrust into existance while following this post series is G3 Show. This is an old idea of mine that failed due to a business fallout.  Hopefully it will be able to make a safe transformation with some solid advice.


If you haven’t read through the series yet, check it out! 31 Days to Building a Better Blog

Feel free to leave me comments and advice!



Okay lets try this poll feature from Polldaddy with a poll that I really like.  What do you call your twitter followers.  I have heard many different names, so I’ll put the most common ones on the poll.  If you have another one, leave a comment and fill me in!!

If you use twitter and you like this, re tweet it, I want lots of votes on this poll!


Gold Rush!!

Gold Rush!!

I have been looking through available domain names lately and I have noticed that nearly every simple phrase has been bought up in bulk.  Any site that exists seems to have been bought up with the word top in front of it, and any word in the dictionary is purchased.  Common items that people actually buy or search for have been bought up in any possibly attractive combination of words.



In short.. Anything you would actually use is either hard to find, or you will end up buying it as an aftermarket domain name off of someone.  


I am opening comments up on this one…. enjoy.

What domain would you buy if you could have ANYTHING. (if nothing was already taken)

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