The SEO Review

SEO Review

This is the SEO Review section.

In the future I will have the chance to add more reviews of various SEO tools and services.




Market Samurai

I have just had the chance to use Market Samurai.  This program is excellent… for the most part.  The down side is that if your are inexperienced with it, google will suspend your IP.  However, when you get the feel of the program, it will allow you to do a HUGE amount of work, in a very very short amount of time.

Keep in mind, this is still in beta, which is why I was able to try it.  As an SEO tool, I would have to give it a definate recommendation to anyone considering trying it.



Google Adwords – Keyword Tool

This tool is not only free to use permanently, but it is allowed by google. (always a bonus)

This tool lets you search different sets of keywords to see how often they are searched through google.  This way you don’t spend all of your time specializing in words that are only searched once or twice a month.  Use this to find keywords that are searched often.  You can also use this in conjunction with an actual google search for the same keywords to figure out how many sites you will be competing with.

I actually find myself still using this even though Market Samurai plugs in and uses this same tool… I think it is because it is done through google in a very easy to read and user friendly format.

This is excellent at what it does, but it requires alot of hit and miss manual plugging.  Very good for a quick traffic check, I have it bookmarked. 



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