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The bike blog experiment did not go as well as I would have liked.  I didn’t have the time to market it, and it didn’t rank very well for the keywords it had.  However, I did get complete results from that test.  To not bore you with the specifics of the test, all you need to know is that longtail seo does work.  Also, you can catch really easy traffic by posting recent news, but everyone knows that.  It is tremendously easy to catch traffic looking for that specific title.

Good results to actually have recieved from a solid test, we will get a totally different field to test in the SEO contest.


1. Make sure your title and url have the keyword of the article.

2. Make sure the article header is what you believe they will search for.

3. Create specific pages for all of your keywords, do not put everything on one page and have a big mess of keywords.  Separate the categories

4. Don’t bother post about it unless it is new.  Sounds very negative, but if it is already semi-old news, someone will have posted about it right away and is already cached/linked to before you and therefore higher ranked.  

5. Mix your keywords up! This isn’t web 1.0, nor is it ‘seo 1.0’ spamming your keywords does nothing for you.  Google does not care about keyword density.  Get a variety of keywords, or your specific keywords in multiple possibilities of input. 

eg. (dan’s wine, dan wine, wine, dan, wine dan) 

As bad as that example is I think you get the point.  There is no point of typing FREE WINE more than once, type ‘wine for free’ or ‘wine free of charge’ blah blah blah.


Yes, the post ended with blah blah blah….. what are you going to do about it?





For anyone who watched the debate.. you will know what I mean.  If they were any more redundant, I would have to beat myself over the head with my remote.  Yes I know I am Canadian, but it seems to effect us just as much.


I personally participated in Michael Gray’s drinking game tonight… for about 2 minutes when I had finished the whole bottle and decided it was a bad idea to finish the debate that way.


I realized how absolutely annoying overdone seo must be.  Listening to Obama throw the word change into any situation possible reminds me of my word choices when optimizing a site.  I realized how annoying it is… that is not a good thing at all.  I think I am going to be looking into any possible ways to use different keywords as much as possible.  

New Mission, use two sets of new keywords a day.

I am currently conducting an experiment in which I use as many keywords as possible to generate many very low percentage search hits.  It seems like the long tail is catching a few after just one post per page.  I have 16 unique views, and one of them stretches as long as a search for “motorcycle long distance trials best bike”


How is that for catching the leftovers??


This was sparked by only being found on my blog by maybe 5 sets of keywords.  Updates to follow on the best way to optimize for “longtail leftovers”