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No not THAT personal branding! Lets all put the irons and needles away.  Personal branding is the idea that you should market yourself like an actual brand….


Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Personal branding has become a popular idea in internet marketing, or marketing in general.  It seems that people feel that they need to market themselves as they would a company.  Personal branding is an interesting idea… and a concept that I am not sure I aggree with.


To get some information on it. Click the image, it links to Nirav’s original article.  When your done there, head over to 1938 Media and see what he has to say on it.



I personally love the idea of making a name for yourself.  I don’t mind setting that situation up to fit your goals.  For example: I named this blog SEO DAN.  If I was REALLY against this kind of thing I would never have dreamed of that.  On the other hand I also named the blog THE SEO REVIEW.  Because No one cares about the DAN COUTURE blog.  If they wanted that, they would just follow my twitter.  If you want seo advice, then why not the SEO REVIEW.  Pick a brand, you have choice over that!


Personal Branding is a good concept.  But to me it just feels very egocentric.  Go online, make a portfolio, keep your twitters up.  If people like you and respect you than good for you.  If not…. don’t go around telling people how great you are to try and make up for it. If you have a contagious personality then that will translate in your brand anyway!


It’s what people say about you, not what you say about yourself.  If you are all about personal branding, maybe consider what the public is branding you first.




Screenshot Mashup

Screenshot Mashup

The search terms that I originally started this long journey trying to be found on were “seo review” (yes, I was aiming for a search that required quotes)  I have just reached the last position on the front page.  That may change if my updates are reduced in frequency, so I took a screenshot 😀


It only gets about 11 searches a day, but I wanted to get onto that front page for it as a beginning project.  The journey so far has been great.  I have met quite a few very educational contacts, and I have learned more that I thought I would.  In midst of all the confusion, this has resulted in an seo consult for myself on another website.  I am going to track the changes they go through and we will see how well these principles will work on an established website.


By the way.  For those asking.. I am still on page 4 if you remove the quotes.  Did I say I was going home yet? lol /cry

Until next post.. see you on twitter!



I am currently planning out the rules to the first SEO Review seo challenge.  The contest is going to be two weeks long, on a real word.  The winner will be the highest ranked in that word in Google.  The contest will only count google results.

This will be a precursor to the first official contest, which will be a month long, and be featuring a ‘new’ word.  See the wikipedia page to get a better idea of what this sort of thing is all about.

By the way…. the picture is bogus.  No prizes for this one yet.  The main contest may have a prize, I am not sure what that will be yet however.

There are many wordpress blogs around that seem to have no resemblance at all of a blog.  For example.

Is actually a one post page, that links to the companies main site.  Is this blog just being used as a linkback? I believe so.  However, the pagerank is 0/10 so it really isn’t a very valuable link.(Anchored very well however)

ANOTHER 1 post blog.  This is leading me to wonder how many of these there are around wordpress, blogger, weebly, and various sites. 

THANKFULLY, both pages have terrible blog addresses and they aren’t really doing anyone an injustice.  If they were holding up valuable subdomains such as I think everyone would be a little perturbed.


Speaking of, if you would like a decent seo blog, check out:

claims to be done by David McCaldin… I guess we just wait and see!!