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I know it might sound odd, but sometimes picking your keywords can come down to cold hard math.

Lets take ‘green car’ and ‘red car’ as our two examples.  Maybe you are deciding what car you want to feature for your used car site.  Lets to the math.

Green car:

60,500 searches a month in google.

1,620,000 sites to compete with.


Red car:

110,000 searches a month in google.

1,520,000 sites to compete with.


If you go by YEARLY searches, thats 1,320,000 for red and 726,000 for green.

Without having to do the math to follow along… the short version is:


hits per year / google results = 0.45


hits per year / google results = 0.87


So, there is more demand for red cars (almost double) and less competition (100k sites less)

This is an obvious decision which you probably wouldn’t bother even do the math for, but if your two keywords have very similar demand, you may have to compare the google results to decide what to go with.  

Remember, not only do you want to be ranked first, you want to be ranked first with keywords that people actually care about.

I will do a set of mine as a template for you. If you can’t follow along don’t be discouraged.

3600 site hits a month as per Google Keywords

3600 x 12 gives you the yearly search average

43200 is the yearly search average.

33300 sites in the google search result.

43200 / 33300 = 1.3

recap: (3600 x 12) / 33300 = 1.3

The higher that number, the more your traffic/competition ratio.



What are the numbers for your site?